The expert for design.train.mastery– especially for large companies

A colleague once told me: "Your trainings are haute couture - never off the rack". This is exactly what I am doing. Not simply because my clients are large companies working on an international scale, but because everything I do is tailor-made for my clients.

Why I think design.train.mastery is so wonderful:

Nothing is "off the rack". I develop especially for the requirements of the company and synchronise with the topics of vision, strategy, values, etc., to make sure that trainings work. This way, employees get exactly what they need. A side-effect is that design∙train∙mastery also educates and trains your employee internally to the effect that knowledge is shared - and kept - within your company. Additionally, trainers get the opportunity to excel their abilities.

design.train.masterymeans to work alongside companies and to develop employees in a way that they contribute to the company success.


What you can expect from me:

Creative design for lively and sustainable learning processes. Thought through to the last detail, meticulously prepared, cleverly developed, always surprising, never boring, always active, consistently demanding, interculturally smart and simply different. For me there is nothing better than designing trainings - for people who want to change something. Just like me.

Your content and my design: Put together, the two add up to one-of-a-kind trainings. Creative, interactive, lively and sustainable. All made possible through the creative process of thinking, which occurs when working and playing with the content: Fireworks are lit! This is what gives the training its special edge. Simply seeing and observing how this concept works in the trainings is wonderful to me.

My trainings are 100 percent without PowerPoint. And if the odd slide is being used, it always happens with "Power to the Point".

It is very special to see how I lay seeds with my work throughout the globe, which blossom and grow. This way there are entire fields of sunflowers - and the feedback from my participants is overwhelming

  • Born in Innsbruck
  • Married, 2 children - David & Jacob
  • Since 2005 Mind in Motion GmbH, Training, Instructional Design, Facilitation (German/English)
  • 2003 – 2005 Freelance Trainer, Change Management, Project Facilitation (German/English)
  • 1999 – 2002 GE Capital Bank, Wien, Human Resources, Manager Training & Communication
  • 1996 – 1998 GE Capital Bank, Wien, Quality, Six Sigma, Project- and Process Management
  • 1994 – 1996 Lauda Air, Schwechat, IT and Project Management
  • Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level
  • Certified E-Trainer /
  • Hypno Systemic Coaching and Organisational Development / Gunter Schmidt
  • Learning-Process Trainer / Metalog
  • Experience-oriented Learning (Train-the-Trainer, Internship as Observer and Advanced Workshops) / Metalog
  • Senior Process Manager / Procon
  • Visual Communication / innovation-factory
  • Mediation and Conflict Management / ARGE Bildungsmanagement
  • Train the Trainer / Trainerakademie
  • Dynamic facilitation / all-in-one-spirit
  • Managerial Skills Development / General Electric
  • Advanced Facilitation and Learning Network (AFLN) / General Electric
  • Master Black Belt / General Electric
  • Change Acceleration Process / General Electric
  • Facilitators Workshop / General Electric
  • Black Belt / General Electric
  • DISC / kaiblinger&partner
  • People Centred Implementation / Changefirst
  • Belbin Team Role Behaviour / Belbin
  • Vienna University of Economics and Business, Mag. (equivalent to MBA), Organisation and Supply Chain Management