Your training does not achieve what it should achieve?
Your participants do not actively take part in the training?
Your trainings are extremely exhausting to you?

After a training which did not go to plan, doubts often set in. Are my trainings good enough? Can I improve on anything? Could the success of the training be linked to me and my efforts as a trainer?

With regards to the success of the participants, a trainer has more influence than often assumed. Those who create, design and plan their trainings meticulously and with great attention to detail can achieve much more than ordinary, off-the-rack trainings.

Plan the interactive adventure which your training participants will never forget!

To me, this process has a name: training design.

A training designer focuses on all activities which happen before the trainer steps into the training room. He considers all processes before, during and after a training, no matter if the trainings are created for him/herself or for other trainers. This means taking into consideration all processes, anticipating all possible outcomes, paying close attention to the participants and thus creating a training which will tick all of the boxes for the employer. 

I offer two opportunities:

Become a Training Designer

I offer a fundamental course for participants to become training designers themselves. This training is aimed at internal trainers as well as Human Resources developers and experts in this field.

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Training Design Coaching

This coaching is for you if you want to design a training from start to finish or wish to take an existing concept and put it under close scrutiny. At the end you will have a finished design and many new ideas for the implementation of your next training. The target group for this training are external trainers, internal trainers and experts in this field.

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