„Thank you very much for the excellent time and education. You are doing an amazing job. Very dynamic, effective and successful, beside travelling around the world.“

Emin Öztemel
Managing Director, Cilek, Turkey

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„Anna Langheiter is an inspiration, bringing the knowledge across to the participants in a very engaging and skillful way. She maintains the focus of the participants, using energizers. “

Jeanette Teles
Manager Continuous Improvement, Alstom Power – Steam Business, Schweiz

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„Keep the passion for making a real difference.“

Harry Sinko
VP Global Improvement Services, Soarent Vision, Australia

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„Thanks to Annas advanced communication skills and cultural consciousness, the trainings have reached smoothly the Chinese local team.“

Derya Ucar
Lean Manufacturing and GEMS Manager in Global Manufacturing Coordination, Alstom, China

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„With experience working on multiple deployments with over 100 different trainers globally, Anna stands out as a world-class advisor and unique asset to any business in pursuit of developing human capital as a competitive advantage.“

Jason Berg
Associate Consultant, SSA & Company, USA

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Companies of any size tend to take trainings by external trainers, where the content could not be any more diverse. The topics include anything from communication, change management, project management, process optimisation to facilitation and range from specific content trainings to IT-trainings.

However, external trainers, if used on a regular basis, can become expensive and a number of companies now consider their own employees to become internal trainers, who train full- or part-time. The advantages are many; internal trainers know your business, your procedures and your company culture. Moreover, those employees, which show promise and potential, could find new challenges in the role of internal trainers.

The Trainer Seminar

In this training, your employees will learn how to train your own, company specific contents in a lively and sustainable manner.

It is about the combination of typical train-the-trainer contents and the repeated personal experience of training themselves. The learning process happens through feedback: through feedback received personally and through the giving of feedback to other participants. Watching others sharpens the senses!

The duration of the training depends on the amount of practical trainer-know-how your employees should get and how many practical sessions should be conducted in the safe training environment. What counts in this case is that the more training trainers receive, the better.

Who is the seminar directed at?

Internal trainers, experts of their fields and personal developers who

  • Pass on content internally and who want to know more about creative learning techniques for adults.
  • Want to work well with groups – in good times and bad times
  • Want to present content well and with an edge
  • Conduct and accompany exercises and want to reflect results onto the whole group
  • Want to transfer the learning into the day-to-day business
  • Wish to try energisers and repeated exercises
  • Want to be able to properly plan a training session
  • Generally want more tips and tricks for their every-day trainer life
  • Want lots of feedback, which will not just help them in their every-day trainer life.

Further information concerning the process can be taken from the Brochure.

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