„You have shared your experience of freelance trainer, helping me to make first steps. More than that, I owe you for your training style, which inspires me a lot. Both enabling me to live a happy professional life.“

Jan Soukup
Owner, Lean Six Sigma Training and Coaching, Czech Republic

Weitere Kundenstimmen

„Keep the passion for making a real difference.“

Harry Sinko
VP Global Improvement Services, Soarent Vision, Australia

Weitere Kundenstimmen

„Thank you very much for the excellent time and education. You are doing an amazing job. Very dynamic, effective and successful, beside travelling around the world.“

Emin Öztemel
Managing Director, Cilek, Turkey

Weitere Kundenstimmen

„Anna has the ability to transmit her energy and passion to everyone in the room, and her endless set of resources, skills and profound knowledge on the topics takes the learning experience to the next level.“

Inma Molina
Lean Six Sigma (LSS) & Programme Management Office (PMO) Lead, The Linde Group, Spain

Weitere Kundenstimmen

„I worked with Anna on Train the Trainer, Lean Project Leader and Advanced Lean Project leader trainings in Wuhan, China. Among all the trainers I worked with, Anna is the most impressive one I ever had.“

GAO Yin (高胤)
Manager – Quality Management & Quality Improvement, Alstom Wuhan Boiler Co. Ltd, China

Weitere Kundenstimmen

„Anna Langheiter is an inspiration, bringing the knowledge across to the participants in a very engaging and skillful way. She maintains the focus of the participants, using energizers. “

Jeanette Teles
Manager Continuous Improvement, Alstom Power – Steam Business, Schweiz

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Sie möchten Ihr Training mit Bewegung und Spaß aufpeppen? Und die Übungen vorher in einem geschützten Rahmen ausprobieren oder am besten noch gleich neue Übungen kennenlernen? Wir bieten eine offene Plattform, in der sich Trainer, Personalentwickler, HRler oder Fachexperten austauschen, und gemeinsam neue Übungen kennenlernen, ausprobieren und besprechen können.

Hier finden Sie die nächsten Termine.

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